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Treatment Update – Fungus Among Us

I have just completed Cycle 18 in my Lyme treatment and am just finishing up my 16th month of treatment with Dr. J. My last treatment update was after Cycle 16, so it has been almost two months (as each cycle is now 9 days on, 18 days off). We are all due a check-in from Tara. A LOT has happened in the last two months. So let’s get started.

First of all… I don’t have much to say about Cycle 17. Wasn’t great. Wasn’t terrible. You want notes? It’s easier. You want decoding? Pink = new. There. Good? Why do I share such personal medical information about myself? So you don’t feel alone. But also so I don’t have to type it. Sorry can’t help you regarding my handwriting. I have Lyme. You can’t ask this much of me.

unnamed (12)

Second of all, MOLD. My brother recently started living with us and we prepared a nice room for him in the basement. I painted and everything. I painted while sick. It was a sacrifice I was proud of. Guess what? It’s all tore up now. Kids, see what this teaches you? Don’t do anything, especially work and sacrifice. The Universe doesn’t care about your accomplishments and will step on your sandcastles. …Kidding. Hee hee. So mid-cycle 17 my brother came upstairs one morning to tell me that he had woken in the middle of the night and put his feet down on very wet, squishy, squelchy carpet. To which he then turned on a light and saw water. To which he then pulled his mattress and box springs away from the wall and saw molds of varying colors ranging from grey to green to black.

Me: “…  . .. …..”


We open up walls, investigate further, two rooms flooded, mold in both. Coinciding with this my neuro symptoms flare. Even my teeth were vibrating and feeling electrical shock thingies. Awesome. Luckily, I seem to be one of those people that doesn’t have a hard time detoxing mycotoxins and within a few days of sealing off the rooms and turning off the central air (don’t even talk about this to D, he will only describe it as his biggest trauma of the summer of 2015) I felt much better. Regardless, it blew apart my two week med vacation post Cycle 17 and gave me no good days, except for one. This may have been due to mold but it may have other factors… I kinda went ham on detoxing. Also, before I get a million comments or private messages about mold, I’m well aware of its dangers. Our basement flooding was localized, and the mold was fresh, a.k.a. not a secretly festering problem this whole time I’ve been ill. We had the mold remediation completed quickly and current air testing came back excellent. End side-note. I was also in the midst of a growing candida infection that I was not aware of. More on that later. Also, I’m not shaming too much detoxing (this paragraph is like, literally all over the place). Detox away people. Detox until you hit the floor. I didn’t realize how much left over toxins were contributing to my illness until I made this my full-time job for two weeks. If it detoxed, I downed it.

unnamed (11)

Cue Cycle 18. Which I can happily sum up with one sentence. Hardly. Any. Herxing. Okay three sentences which do not follow proper grammar but instead current popular culture. Whatevs. But yeah! Woooo! I felt not too shabby on this last med cycle. My biggest complaint was fatigue and some upper right quadrant pain (source of which currently remains unknown, possible detox related). The rest were small fry compared to cycles past. It was great. It was encouraging. It was like…


Even though not yet. But I still won. I won that one. I’m calling it. I won.

Post-cycle 18, things are… eh. They started out rocky, but are calming down a bit. I tried some new things. I shouldn’t try new things. I should stick to what works. But back to the candida. Right before Cycle 17 began I started getting this weird rash thingy on my eyelid. It would occasionally swell and every evening during my usual clockwork flare, my eyeballs would burn. I couldn’t get rid of the thing. It eventually spread to my other eyelid. I eventually started looking like a drug addict even more so than I already do (most days… some days I look fabulous and I don’t mind saying so). Around the same time things started burning my lips. Things like high acid foods or liquids. My facewash. Other things. I also started getting the same weird flaky red rashy sore things along my upper lip line. Then came the cracks at the corners of my mouth. I finally put my two remaining brain cells together once full-on thrush hit me.

giphy (2)You don’t. You just say it and I already know. It’s my own fault. I had been hitting the fruit bowl like it was Halloween candy. Without abandon. So I turned to the internet for any and all remedies. They worked, but again, med vacation week one ruined by mycotoxin die-off. These mycotoxins… I tell ya. FYI I plan to write a whole post devoted to this, and when it comes, I will link it here.

That brings me to today. As for current protocols, I am still on a Bartonella-based plan with such meds like Rifabutin, Omnicef, Cipro (no comments about Cipro either guys! I’m well aware!) and a few others. We also threw a little Mepron back in just to make sure some returning symptoms weren’t Babesia being all “lolz guys I’m still here”. I’m still taking a lot of meds, and I’m not getting that sick from them anymore. In fact I almost feel better on them than off. With exception to my energy levels. It’s amazing. For a long time it was just hope, hope for enduring a treatment that worked. Hope for a thing that was true, but then unseen. Just a long time of hopin’.

Now… SEEING! Please revert back to Walter White Gif for appropriate reaction in media format. Thank you. In short, this treatment update had little to do with Lyme and everything to do with fungus.


7 comments on “Treatment Update – Fungus Among Us

  1. LymieLovesJesus
    August 29, 2015

    I’m glad the mold thing happened and you took care of it quick and then it un-happened. Well, not un so much, but you nipped it in the bud and now it isn’t a problem. I know of scores of people who just can’t kick the mold problem. I just might be one of them; I have no idea as my doc hasn’t tackled that one yet. I’m glad to know that you are having progress!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • GMD
      August 29, 2015

      Let’s face it. Tara has one of the best LLMDs in the world. If Erica can’t recover with his treatment, then there would be little hope for the rest of us. I am so glad to see Tara having good results. I just hope in continues, forever. Well at least for the rest of her life, to a good ripe old age. Maybe 99, like my mother-in-law. She just died at 99. Sick very little in her long wonderful life.

      Liked by 1 person

      • tarathackeray
        August 29, 2015

        You guys are such a support to me! I love reading each and every comment. Much love!


  2. GMD
    August 19, 2015

    I could be wrong, but I’ll bet some of the shoulder pain and back pain are from bones. Without my bone supplements, my back hurts all the time. I take a lot of bone supplements, cissus (really good), bone meal (has all the minerals needed more than the calcium), chicken cartilage, acerola cherry juice powder. I have a document and where to get it all WHOLESALE. Saves a ton of money. Just saying some other things. Medicare won’t pay for prescription blood thinners I am supposed to take, so get nattokinase wholesale. Medicare won’t pay for Usodiol, so get milk thistle powder wholesale. dandelion powder wholesale, all for liver. The natural stuff is probably better than the drugs anyway. I can no longer pay for Lyme treatment, and life would be worse without all my natural, organic powders. So glad you are recovering. I have so much confidence in you and Dr. J, and keep watching your expected improvement, and I am not disappointed. Still love your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tarathackeray
      August 20, 2015

      Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the insight. I do make my own bone broth from organic or pastured beef and poultry and simmer it for DAYS until I can get basically all there is to get from the bones. And I’m covered in milk thistle and dandelion 🙂

      I’m always sad to hear when others can no longer afford their Lyme treatment. I’m so glad you’ve found some help in your supplements. If you want to send me a message through my contact me tab I’d love to hear how you get them wholesale. Thank you for the compliments on my writing! Much love!


  3. Heather Hart
    August 18, 2015

    Hey Tara!
    I’m so sorry about the mold!!! There is a company here in Utah that will come in and guarantee remidiation for life. Found out about it after my kids flared big time with mold and our doctor said we can’t treat the Lyme until we get them out of the mold. Wise. McKaeln is doing much much better. And Kaden is on the Lyme roller coaster but still more up than down these days.
    Praying for you! We just got to Utah for our 5 month adventure. I remember I oromised you Savior of the World tickets. I haven’t forgotten. 😉
    All my best! Love and prayers and positive energy coming your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tarathackeray
      August 18, 2015

      Thanks Heather. I used the company you recommended. Thanks 🙂


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