Will There be Cake?

I have Lyme. I’d like to not have it anymore. I also just want cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get these questions a lot, hence they are frequent.

How did you get diagnosed?

I was clinically diagnosed based on extensive testing that ruled out other conditions, including CT scans, brain MRI’s, autoimmune panels, endocrine panels, cardiac workups, neurotransmitter levels, allergy panels, and others. I had a long history of tick exposure, had lived in more endemic areas, and grew up surrounded by animals such as horses and dogs. My symptom patterns fell in line with Lyme disease. All of my testing for Lyme (several ELISAs, Western Blot, and some co-infection testing) all initially came back negative.

Eight months in to aggressive IV antibiotic therapy I produced a positive Lyme IFA test.

Who is your doctor?

I go to the Jemsek Specialty Clinic in Washington, D.C.

What is your protocol?

In short, multiple antibiotics, anti-malarials, and anti-parasitics stacked, rotated, and pulsed. I have agreed to not disclose specifics on social media. I also take many herbs and supplements and maintain a gluten free, sugar-free, plant-based diet. Please message through the Contact Me tab if you have further questions.

What were your symptoms?

  1. Frequently feeling faint or about to pass out
  2. Heart palpitations – forceful beating, episodes of sudden tachycardia or racing, heart feeling constantly “tired” or “strained”, and a dramatic elevation of my resting heart rate by about 30-40 beats per minute.
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Sensation of “getting the wind knocked out of me” and gasping for breath
  5. Shallow and labored breathing
  6. Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
  7. Bizarre head sensations
  8. Feeling tipsy, dizzy, and intermittent vertigo
  9. Headaches and head pressures
  10. Pressures on my sinus cavities and the feeling of movement in my head
  11. Visual disturbances – snow, static, pin-pricks of light, blobs of color, numerous floaters, near-constant vibrating vision, and periods of vision loss
  12. Sensitivity to light and sound
  13. Migrating pain in my joints and muscles
  14. Pelvic floor pain
  15. Pain that would shoot down my spine
  16. Chest pain
  17. Decreased appetite
  18. Hot flashes
  19. Chills
  20. Very frequent urination
  21. Panic attacks
  22. Severe fatigue and weakness
  23. Severe brain fog – trouble recalling words, poor short-term memory, struggling cognitive functioning, eventual loss of ability to read and write
  24. Orthostatic hypotension
  25. Light-headedness
  26. Near-fainting or blackouts
  27. Panic and near blackouts whenever I lay on my back
  28. Nausea and vomiting
  29. Sudden low-tolerance for vitamins and supplements and many foods
  30. Muscle tics and spasms
  31. Severe insomnia
  32. Disturbing dreams and nightmares when I could sleep
  33. Sensation of body distortions
  34. Loss of balance and coordination
  35. Severe heat intolerance
  36. Burning pain flushing up my neck, jaws, face and head
  37. Sensation of something stuck in my throat
  38. Trouble swallowing
  39. Restless and fidgety… a constant, deep, frantic feeling
  40. Itchy skin
  41. Flushing in my face and chest
  42. Frequent waves of incapacitating adrenaline rushes for no reason
  43. Hair loss
  44. Visual and auditory hallucinations
  45. Pacing the house at night
  46. Tremors
  47. Myoclonic jerking
  48. Blood pooling in my limbs
  49. Depression and anxiety
  50. Spontaneous and uncontrollable crying
  51. Sensation of impending doom and death
  52. Seizures – partial/focal
  53. Various rashes including butterfly face rash, streaks, chicken wire shaped, petechiae, scabbing, and large spots.
  54. Allodynia (pain in response to touch)
  55. Internal vibrating
  56. Depersonalization and Disassociation
  57. Raynaud’s syndrome
  58. Cyclical low-grade fevers


Have you tried Ozone therapy or Hyperbaric therapy?


Do you incorporate herbs or supplements? Have you tried to heal things naturally?

Yes, to both. I experienced my first flare of Lyme disease as a young adult (which you can read about here) and it lasted two years. I recovered on my own through diet, herbs, and supplements. Because I relapsed again ten years later, and much worse, I chose a different, more aggressive route.

How long will you stay on antibiotics?

Until I stop progressing with them.

How do you tolerate aggressive treatment?

By the sheer will to live, frankly. But I also credit the majority of my tolerance to stabilizing on specific medications prior to starting treatment. When there is CNS involvement, herxheimer reactions typically cause an over-production or under-production of nerve impulses in response to the sudden increase in inflammation. This is the cause of many intolerable and even dangerous symptoms during those reactions (including pain). Seizure medication (even if you don’t specifically suffer from seizures) by their very nature prevents over-active nerve impulses and will reduce the resulting nerve meltdowns (sometimes dramatically). Consider it a surge protector for your brain during treatment. I couldn’t have tolerated treatment without it.

 Don’t you know that antibiotics poison you and destroy your gut?

Can’t we all just get along?

What do you do to maintain gut health?

I take high doses of multi-strained probiotics daily, including saccromyces boulardii. I take a good quality pre-biotic. I eat fermented foods. I eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily for the healing nutrients they provide, along with the high levels of prebiotic fiber found naturally in many of them. I also juice daily which has tremendously improved my digestion.




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