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Supplements & Detox


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Supplements and Detox go hand in hand with Lyme treatment. Half of my treatment protocol includes supplements that strengthen the immune system, improve detox processes in the body, supply nutrients that bacteria like to maliciously steal or that the body just uses up more quickly than we can replace due to internal stress. Guess what causes internal bodily stress? LYME DISEASE. Especially Lyme treatment. Doctors-nightmares_600Below is an overview of supplements and detox methods that I have found beneficial for me or that I have gathered in my associations from others as being beneficial for them. Of course I have included recommendations from my doctor too. BUT, guys, I personally am NOT a doctor. So it’s best to consult with yours before going all crazy with these things. Now excuse me while I go all crazy with information. Watch me go. I’m going. Wait, one more thing.

Keep in mind that many of the supplements listed help tremendously with detox. I will notate those supplements which do by saying so. It is really impossible to break up “supplements” and “detox” into different categories. However, there are ways to detox that don’t include supplements. You may find those at the end. Pictures are simply brands that I personally use and like but it is not necessary to copy me completely. Things are just better with pictures. All supplements can be purchased through sites like Amazon, Vitacost, or the manufacturer’s website. And no, Jarrow brand is not sponsoring me, I just love the brand. They are free of gluten, soybean, wheat, dairy, egg, and peanuts. Okay, enough rambling.

SUPPLEMENTS (in alphabetical order)

(Hold down “Ctrl” key and “F” key and type into the resulting pop up window the name of any supplement or detox process on these lists that you would like to read more about and it will take you to the second, more in-depth mention of it on this page as you click “next”)

  1. Acetyle-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) (detoxer)
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) (detoxer)
  3. Coenzyme Q10 (or Ubiquinol)
  4. HealthForce Antioxidant Extreme (detoxer)
  5. HealthForce Chlorella Manna (detoxer)
  6. HealthForce Liver Rescue (detoxer)
  7. L-Methyl-Folate (detoxer)
  8. L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate (LOLA) (detoxer)
  9. Magnesium Malate (detoxer)
  10. Melatonin (detoxer)
  11. Methacobalamine (B12) (detoxer)
  12. Multi-Vitamin
  13. N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) (detoxer)
  14. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  15. SAM-e (detoxer)
  16. Seeking Health Liposomal Vitamin C (detoxer)
  17. Thorne Research Vit D3/K2 liquid


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) (Detoxer) – What is it? Synthesized form of L-Carnitine to be more bio-available. How much? Up to 1,000 mg per day. Jarrow-Formulas-Acetyl-L-Carnitine-790011150374

  • Maintains normal mitochondrial functions for energy generations. Mama knows we all need some of that. Think of mitochondria as the “power plants” of each cell where energy is produced
  • Functions as an antioxidant and promotes the production of glutathione, a free radical scavenger, in cells. *Important*
  • Exerts a protective effect on the central nervous system and helps nerve cell growth and regeneration. *Important for Neuro Lyme patients*
  • Improves blood sugar regulation in the body
  • Enhances memory by improving blood flow to the brain

** Cautions ** May decrease the effectiveness of supplemental thyroid hormone. Should not be given to children. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) (Detoxer) – What is it? Synthesized version of Lipoic Acid, an antioxidant vital to cellular energy production and helps to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are bad. M’kay. How much? Up to 600 mg per day.113478

  • Can be used to prevent and treat neuropathy
  • Helps increase glutathione levels, which is arguably the body’s most important antioxidant
  • Works as a cofactor for energy production
  • Helps control blood sugar and improve insulin resistance
  • May boost immune system and antibody responses
  • Improves the activity of Vitamins C, E, and Coenzyme Q10.
  • Has protective effects on the brain, liver, and nerve tissue.

**Cautions** Diabetics must consult with their doctor before use. ALA may also interfere with treatment for thyroid medications. Those with sulfur sensitivities should note that this supplement does increase sulfur levels in the body – use with caution. When purchasing, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is more bio-available. 

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) (Ubiquinol is the active form) – What is it? A natural antioxidant that supports enzymes in their various biochemical functions. CoQ10 is a vital participant in the chain of metabolic chemical reactions that generate energy within cells. It is found in every cell of the body (the name ubiquinone stems from its ubiquity), but is present in higher concentrations in organs with higher energy requirements such as the kidneys, liver, and heart. How much? CoQ10 – up to 600mg per day. Ubiquinol – up to 300 mg per day as it is more potent. *Both are best absorbed when taken with a fat-based meal.c26-B004VCOOUU-1-s

  • Boosts the performances of the immune system
  • May reduce the risk of certain types of cancers
  • Promotes a healthy heart, may lower elevated blood pressure and reduce’s the heart’s workload. Useful for patients suffering from irregular heartbeats.
  • May help prevent migraines.
  • Combats age-related memory loss
  • May inhibit plaque build-up in the arteries and the formation of dangerous blood clots.

**Cautions** Patients currently taking Atovaquone (Malarone, Mepron) should not take this supplement simultaneously as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medication. 

HealthForce Antioxidant Extreme (Detoxer) – What is it?AE360 A collection of antioxidants to support anti-aging and normal cell division, recovery, and function. Antioxidants include tumeric, resveratrol, grapeseed extract, green tea extract, pine bark extract, mangostein extract, goji berry extract, Acia, several fruit concentrates, and ingredients meant to help absorption and bio-assimilation of antioxidants. 

HealthForce Chlorella Manna (Detoxer) – What is it?CHLORT1500 Broken cell wall chlorella is a hard-core green algae, which is an incredible source of full-spectrum, non-toxic, absorbable nutrients and compounds, including 50 to 60% protein. It contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is a potent phytonutrient comprised of amino acids, beta-glucans, nucleic acids, peptides, and polysaccharides. These micronutrients may work together to help regenerate cells faster than normal. Chlorella is also to bind to the dietary heavy metals mercury, aluminum, and uranium. This particular brand is grown indoors in tanks filled with purified water in a carefully sterilized and controlled system from start to finish, resulting in a product free from heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, and other pollutants. Many Chlorella products out there do not practice safe harvesting protocols, and you don’t want that. This brand also tests for all forms of radiation and 100% clean. There are some other good brands out there such as Clean Chlorella, Dr. Brandt, and Jarrow Brand. Woo!

HealthForce Liver Rescue (Detoxer) – What is it?lr120_5.0 This company’s Liver Rescue supplement contains therapeutic levels of the most powerful liver herbs known (including milk thistle and dandelion). Supports both Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification. Provides powerful direct antioxidants plus it increases the liver’s ability to naturally produce the even more powerful metabolic antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.) and glutathione peroxidase. Liver Rescue nutritionally supports liver function and regeneration, liver detoxification, and bile flow. *Note, this product contains ample Milk Thistle. I often supplement Milk Thistle on it’s own, and you can choose to do so as well. This is just another option. Both would not be needed. I personally will just rotate between the two. 

L-Methyl-Folate (Detoxer) – What is is? The bio-available form of Folate (Folic Acid or Vit B9). Folic Acid is the synthetic form of folate and the body must convert it to folate before it is usable. Those with MTHFR gene defects can not do this properly, and thus need the bio-available form of folate, either through naturally occuring folate in foods or through supplementing with L-Methyl-Folate. How much? This varies tremendously between persons, depending on their MTHFR genetic profiles. Those with MTHFR defects will need more. Generally speaking, 0.5-12 mg daily. Do not go above 1-2 mg before talking to your doctor. 41C2TjbQiZL._SY355_

  • Decreases blood levels of homocysteine which can lead to a folate deficiency
  • Works with Methyl B12 (Methylcobalamin) to enhance the methylation cycle.
  • Improves memory and sleep
  • Manages neuropathic and muscular pain
  • Prevents macular degeneration of the eyes
  • Tool for management of depression and other mental illnesses
  • Detoxification reaction by way of improved methylation
  • Decreases risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers
  • Decreases risk of miscarriages and birth defects

**Cautions** Too much methyl folate can cause over-methylation in certain individuals. It is important to know the genetic health of your MTHFR genes before determining any aggressive dosing. 

L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate (LOLA) (Detoxer) – What is it?  A combination of amino acids that promote normal liver function. How much? 1-4 tsp per day, in divided doses.l-ornithine-la

  • Helps your liver convert ammonia into urea and glutamine so that it can either be used or expelled from your body (source). Many of us have genetic issues that prevent our bodies from detoxing ammonia normally. Ammonia is also a byproduct of Lyme treatment as bacteria die.
  • Boosts immune response
  • Helpful for liver cirrhosis
  • Supports muscle growth and strength
  • May improve athletic performance

Magnesium (Detoxer) – What is it? Fourth most abundant mineral in the body and found in bones, teeth, and red blood cells. It is an essential element in over 300 enzymatic reactions in metabolism. Supplementation of Magnesium by Lyme patients is critical. There are many forms of Magnesium one can take but my personal preference is Magnesium Malate and transdermal Magnesium (both shown below). The bullet list below refers to the benefits of both of these types of Magnesium. How much? Up to 2,000 mg a day, depending on your gastrointestinal tolerance, wink wink. Magnesium Malate has much less of a laxative effect than other forms. FYI. magnesiumOil

  • Helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function
  • Easier on the bowel and can counter malabsorption issues
  • Essential for maintaining energy metabolism
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Chelates metals in the body, particularly the brain where it can cross the blood brain barrier and pull aluminum out through binding to it.
  • Highly absorbable form of magnesium
  • Helps activate B Vitamins
  • Helps break down fatty acids
  • Alkalizes the body which is important during detox, which puts the body in an acidic state while purging toxins.
  • Encourages glutathione synthesis
  • Low levels of brain magnesium contribute to the deposition of heavy metals in the brain that is believed to herald Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’sSNS-00262-1
  • Balances calcium levels in the body and helps bones to hold on to calcium like they should.
  • Readily absorbed by the skin, more so than gastrointestinally.

**Cautions** A diet of processed, synthetic foods, high sugar content, alcohol and soda drinks all “waste” magnesium. Many commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs cause the body to lose magnesium via the urine, such as diuretics for hypertension; birth control pills; insulin; digitalis; tetracycline and some other antibiotics; and corticosteroids and bronchodilators for asthma. In these cases more magnesium is needed to replete the body quickly. Do not take at the same time as medications or antibiotics as this may result in decreased absorption and effectiveness of them.**

Melatonin (Detoxer) – What is it? A hormone produced by the body that is secreted by the daily instigation of darkness at night, functioning as the synchronizer of our biological clock. Most known as a sleep aid. Melatonin production decreases as we age. Benefits don’t end here, check dat bullet list below. How much? 2-up to 50 mg. Brand? Whatevs ya want.

  • Powerful free-radical scavenger and wide-spectrum antioxidant that can easily cross cell membranes and the blood brain barrier, especially in higher doses
  • Works with other antioxidants to improve the overall effectiveness of each antioxidant
  • Melatonin has been proven to be twice as active as vitamin E, believed to be the most effective lipophilic antioxidant
  • Arguably a better protector against mitochondrial oxidative stress than other antioxidants.
  • Has a positive effect on the immune system and is anti-inflammatory
  • Some studies also suggest that melatonin might be useful fighting infectious disease including viruses such as HIV, and bacterial infections, and potentially in the treatment of cancer (source)
  • Helps prevent migraines and cluster headaches with regular use
  • Both animal and human studies have shown Melatonin to be protective against radiation
  • May help individuals suffering from orthostatic intolerance.
  • Many anti-aging benefits… Um, give me ALL the melatonins plz.

**Cautions** Anticoagulants and other substances are known to interact with melatonin. It can lower FSH levels and thus possibly affect fertility in women. Long-term, high dose use is discouraged due to unknown effects. Research is still out on this wonder hormone/antioxidant. Reasonable doses long-term appears to be perfectly fine. 

Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12, Vit B12) (Detoxer) – What is it? Bio-available form of Vitamin B12. How much?  2-15 mg sublingually. 71jMLhZKZML._SY355_

  • Coenzyme that aids in detoxification by the methylation pathway.
  • Protects brain cells and neurons
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Provides neurotransmitter support
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Supports adrenal function
  • Critical for DNA synthesis

**Cautions** Those taking antibiotics, acid blockers, proton pump inhibitors, or Metformin may experience B12 depletion and thus should dose higher. Vitamin B12 toxicity is rare. 

Multi-Vitamin – Why? Because. This is my favorite one.Life-Extension-Two-Per-Day-Tablets-120-Count__61JwIrpiojL  img_01914_big

  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Replenishes the body’s stores of vitamins and minerals often diminished due to chronic illness
  • Contains important co-factors for normal body metabolisms
  • Provides trace elements often depleted in our soils, and thus our foods. Trace elements like Zinc, Molybdenum, Manganese, Selenium, and Chromium, which are all required for normal immune system functioning as well as physiological performances.

N-Acetyl L- Cysteine (NAC) (Detoxer) – What is it? NAC a modified form of the amino acid cysteine that helps the body synthesize glutathione, an important antioxidant. How much? Up to 1,500 mg per day, in divided doses. JRW-07001-7

  • Potent antioxidant as it is converted into glutathione in the body.
  • Used as an antidote for acetaminophin and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Detoxifies the body of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium
  • May help improve memory loss, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Supports a healthy cholesterol level, lipoprotein levels (fat in the blood) and homocysteine levels
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps prevent liver damage, especially from alcohol
  • Promotes the breakdown of mucous associated with pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis.

**Cautions** Those with sulfur sensitivities should note that this supplement does increase sulfur levels in the body – use with caution. May worsen asthma symptoms by causing broncospasm, start on low doses. Do not combine with Nitroglycerin. Long-term use of NAC may artificially cause abnormal liver enzyme levels. Let your doctor know you are taking this before any bloodwork is performed. Those with sulfur sensitivities should note that this supplement does increase sulfur levels in the body – use with caution

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – What is it? The human body can make most of the types of fats it needs from other fats or raw materials. That isn’t the case for omega-3 fatty acids (also called omega-3 fats and n-3 fats). These are essential fats—the body can’t make them from scratch but must get them from food or supplementation.  300How much?  up to 3,000 mg a day.

Omega-3 fats are a key family of polyunsaturated fats. There are three main omega-3s:

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) come mainly from fish, so they are sometimes called marine omega-3s. This is found in your fish oils.
  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the most common omega-3 fatty acid in most Western diets, nuts (especially walnuts), flax seeds and flaxseed oil, leafy vegetables, and some animal fat, especially in grass-fed animals. The human body generally uses ALA for energy, and conversion into EPA and DHA is very limited.

Why you need Omega-3s:perilla-oil-1000-mg-60-softgels-by-source-naturals

  • They are an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of the cell receptors in these membranes
  • Provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation
  • Bind to receptors in cells that regulate genetic function
  • Have been shown to help prevent heart disease and stroke, may help control lupus, eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis, and may play protective roles in cancer and other conditions
  • Helps prevent heart disease by promoting normal blood pressure and reduction of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • May improve depression and symptoms of other mental health problems
  • Immune stimulating properties

**Cautions** Those allergic to shellfish, breasfeeding, have a blood coagulation condition, or are taking anticoagulants like warfarin or aspirin, consult with your doctor before taking. Stop all omega-3 use at least one week prior to and after any surgeries as this stuff thins the blood ya’ll. 

SAM-e (S-adenosy-L-methionine) (Detoxer) – What is is? SAM-e is found in all living cells. It is a naturally occurring molecule produced by a reaction of the amino acid methionine with adenosine triphosphate. SAM-e acts as a substrate in many biological reactions and is the precursor of certain essential amino acids. How much?  200-600 mg daily, sublingually and on an empty stomach with at least 12 oz. of water. 81wI3hLMmUL._SL1500_

  • Facilitates methylation processes as SAMe is a major methyl donor (any substance that can transfer a methylgroup [a carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms (CH3)] to another substance) in the body.
  • Helps to normalize liver enzymes and help with cholestasis (when bile cannot flow from the liver to the duodenum)
  • Appears to control arthritic pain
  • Supports liver detoxification processes

**Cautions** Should be taken with folate, Vit B12, and B6. Those with sulfur sensitivities should note that this supplement does increase sulfur levels in the body – use with caution.

Seeking Health Liposomal Vitamin C – What is it? The difference between regular Vitamin C and Liposomal Vitamin C is how the body absorbs them. When a person consumes foods rich in Vitamin C, most of it is flushed out in the urine. All contents of Liposomal Vitamin C are absorbed via liposomes that go straight into your blood stream. Liposomes are extremely small substances. Due to its small size, it allows the Vitamin C to be completely absorbed by the body. The Vitamin C is able to slip right by the enzyme in your saliva, your digestive juices, the bile salts, and other elements that breakdown unprotected Vitamin C. Your body absorbs the liposomes as essential phospholipids and sends them straight to the liver for normal processing. How much? Up to 5,000 mg per day, as tolerated, in divided doses. skh055-seeking-health-optimal-liposomal-vitamin-c

  • Supports the immune system, allowing it to function at optimal capacity
  • Supports the detoxification processes
  • Processes harmful environmental and bacterial toxins
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular and heart function
  • Is a potent anti-ager
  • Helps maintain eye health
  • Removes free radicals from the body
  • And millions other things that I could never ever name.

*Note, Seeking Health is an excellent brand with many great products, including Liposomal Magnesium, which is also awesome. 

Vitamin D3 /K2 Liquid – What is it? Vitamin D3 is the natural form of the vitamin that your body makes from sunlight. You want D3 as opposed to D2, as vitamin D2 is made by irradiating fungus and plant matter, and, sadly, is the form of vitamin D typically prescribed by doctors. How much?  Varies on the individual’s needs. Have blood levels of D3 checked prior to supplementing. But generally, 1,000-5,000 IU per day is perfectly safe. More on D3…kd500

  • Essential in musculoskeletal health and function
  • Key compenent in nervous system health and function
  • Required for normal bone health and metabolism
  • Supports the endocrine system and metabolic processes
  • Anti-inflammatory effects associated with cancer prevention
  • Is often referred to as a hormone as opposed to a vitamin, and more specifically, an immune-modulating hormone that has tremendous beneficial affects on the strength and proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin K2 exerts a powerful influence on bones, more so than regular vitamin K. Vitamin K2 is a series of molecules known as menaquinones. The most common and well studied of the menaquinones is MK-4. Thorne Research’s vitamin K2 is MK-4. The vitamin Ks are essential for normal cell formation and maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system. K2 specifically keeps calcium in bones and teeth, where it mostly should be, as opposed to free-floating in your blood and forming plaque on arterial tears. Combining D3 with K2 seems to maintain greater artery elasticity and thus, better cardiovascular health. *Note, it is perfectly fine to take Vitamin D3 separately as well. Liquid forms are great. 


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